Friday, 8 May 2009

Star Pilots : Teen Today

"Star Pilots are a boy band from Sweden. None of which is evident from the video for their single, In The Heat of the Night, out on May 18, which in true ‘how can we flog dance music to UK punters’ features a host of nubile young women wearing very little.

Although not usual fans of dance songs, we’re bloody loving it here at Teentoday towers. I’ll resist burning my bra in protest at dance music videos’ flagrant objectification of women if the presence of bikini-clad hotties rubbing themselves against the pointy end of an aeroplane helps sell stompers like this (yeah, I asked around what the proper name for the pointy bit of the plane was and all I got was ‘nose’, which sounds even more wrong).

Unlike most dance records, it has verses! And a bridge! And a middle eight! (Calvin ‘one line only’ Harris, take note.) And obviously an epic chorus. The video also comes with an 80s Top Gun theme, notching up the guilty pleasure element even more.
Our favourite bits:

· The hollow wooden plinky plonk in the intro and after each line of the verse. Maybe it’s them banging some Ikea furniture together. Whatever it is, we like it. More Ikea furniture banging around in dance records please!

· The thump then sparkly four-note dinging at the end of the bridge. As you can see, we’re really hot on the technical terms here.
· That thunder-clappy sounding noise after ‘In the heat of the night’ in the chorus.

· The way that the singer is clearly channelling Kenny Loggins. Woah Mylo! Highway to the Daaanga Zone!

But what’s your verdict – shit or hit?"

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