Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Sun Online "Nippy Lou's Top Gun bullets"

The Sun Online feature Star Pilot's behind the scenes video, featuring Louise Glover, as well as Rich and Kat from Capital Radio;

"GLAMOUR girl LOUISE GLOVER isn't shy in revealing the secret behind her sexy new music video.
Chatting in an excluisve behind-the-scenes video, the stunning model reveals she drenched herself in freezing cold water to perk up for Star Pilots' new single promo.

Rather bizarrely, the tune is called In the Heat of the Night. Well I guess she certainly raises temperatures.

“The sun's gone in, It’s only April and it’s pretty cold,” she says. “I’ve had bullet nips for the last hour!”

The video for the Star Pilots dance track is based on Top Gun and features a groups of sexy dancers dressed as Air Traffic Controllers in skin tight suits.

The single is released on May 18 and the band, three lads from Sweden, are hoping it soars straight to number one"

Click here to see the feature