Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Average White Band!

Demon Digital is proud to announce the acquisition of the licence to issue the complete Average White Band catalogue of albums released from 1973 to 1982.

Eleven classic albums will be available digitally for the first time in the UK from Monday 27th April 2009.

As well as being available individually, Demon Digital will be issuing all eleven albums in four deluxe digital sets, which have all been overseen by Average White Band’s Alan Gorrie, Hamish Stuart and, Onnie McIntyre. The fully annotated special digital booklets will feature memorabilia from their own personal collections, including brand new interviews.

In addition to the eleven original albums being released Demon Digital will also be releasing a digital only Best Of Album “Let’s Go Round Again” and a special 5 track digital EP. The four deluxe digital (and deluxe 2CD sets)

Show Your Hand + How Sweet Can You Get + Average White Band [Digital: VEXEDSD2030 / 2CD: EDSD 2030]

Cut The Cake + Soul Searching + Benny & Us [Digital: VEXEDSD2031 / 2CD: EDSD 2031]

Person To Person + Warmer Communications [Digital: VEXEDSD2032 / 2CD: EDSD 2032]

Feel No Fret + Volume VIII + Shine + Cupid’s In Fashion [Digital: VEXEDSD2033 / 2CD: EDSD 2033]

Playing their own brand of soul, Scotland’s Average White Band rocketed to fame and fortune in late 1974 with their absolute classic eponymous second album, usually known as the 'White Album', and the accompanying single ‘Pick Up The Pieces’, an instantly recognizable and perennial classic, and a staple of ‘gold’ radio stations around the world. Both the album and single reached No. 1 on the US pop charts – in the UK, both reached No. 6.