Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Londonist interview Red Blooded Women

We've banged on a bit before about how much we like new pop group Red Blooded Women. Smart and sassy with killer tunes, they know exactly how to make a dancefloor move and have good fun doing it. Their new single, a bleeping cover of Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy The Silence' is out in April so we caught up with these good time girls in the middle of their recording.

Hello Red Blooded Women. Who are you and what are you upto?

Liz: Hello Londonist, We are Liz, Candy & Carly AKA Red Blooded Women, a hot new electro-fabulous girlband and we're bringing back the 80s with our own little twist. We're just about to release our reworking of "Enjoy the Silence" originally by our favourite DM boys :) So times are very exciting for the 3 of us!!

Whereabouts in London are you based? What's brilliant and what's totally horrible about it?

Liz: I'm the only one actually based in London, and I’m a Richmond SW kinda girl :) I love living here it's so pretty and green - there's nothing better then a beer by the river on a sunny day. Candy and Carly live just outside London in Essex and Reading, but we do most of our writing, recording and partying in London. We love the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly and Soho at night, and you can usually find us in some bar in East London at the weekend.

Where are you from originally, what does London do better?

Candy - I was born in Essex and still reside here, although my family are all East Londoners. Carly is our little Welsh lovely, and Liz is from the darkest depths of Swindon! As for what London does better, I’d say late nights - we’re party girls through and through!

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