Monday, 20 April 2009

PopJustice Homepage Feature for Star Pilots!

"The problem with Top Gun was that it wasn't quite camp enough

One June day last year our Song Of The Day was 'In The Heat Of The Night' by Star Pilots; the Swedish track has now been picked up in the UK by Hard2Beat and will be out next month. We defy you not to love this video*.

That was simltaneously the most gay and the most straight thing we've ever seen.

We'll tell you another thing too - The Saturdays could learn a thing or two about proper dance routines from this video. It's not all bending over a bit then standing up again but actually includes the waving around of arms too. (Amazing.)

Here's 'Higher' (hiya!!!), another song from Star Pilots, from when they wanted to represent Sweden at this year's Eurovision but they didn't get through.

That is everything 'It's My Time To Shine I've Come Such A Long Way On My Journey To This Moment In Time' (or whatever that Jade Ewen song is called) is not.

* Offer not open to feminists or anyone who has ever questioned the objectification of women in popular music videos."

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