Friday, 17 April 2009

Chicane Popjustice Song Of The Day

Popjustice make Chicane's "House Arrest" today's Song Of The Day;

"Chicane is a man with a ludicrous real name who in the late 1990s did an amazing song called 'Offshore', and then he did another one in the 2000s and then it all went tits up and he released an album 'under his own steam' which may have involved him remortgaging his house, or something. We might actually be thinking of somebody totally different.

We almost certainly had a conversation with a publicist a couple of years ago which involved them pitching some sort of idea along the lines of "he's sold all his cars to fund this album campaign". Was it Chicane? It was someone like that.

Anyway that album was rubbish so he's probably living in a caravan now but 'House Arrest', which is a brilliant stadium rave rework of Krush's late-80s pop tune 'House Arrest' (hence the name) is incredible and will perhaps turn around Lord Nigel Bricegarland III's fortunes or at least allow for the purchase of a new Calor gas stove."

Click here to read the feature and hear the brand new track below!