Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Digital Spy Interview Basshunter

"Basshunter has revealed that he wants to meet up with Robbie Williams to discuss their shared passion for aliens.

The Swedish dance musician, real name Jonas Altberg, admitted that he is a huge fan of the former Take That star and offered to take him on an alien-spying trip.

"The only reason that Robbie Williams may talk to me is that we are both fans of aliens," he told DS. "I'm a science fiction geek and freak. If there's anything containing a space ship, even if the budget for the movie is £5, I will watch it.

"I'm not usually out in the middle of the night looking for alien spacecrafts, but if I had time for it, I would probably go to Mexico or another good party location where I could secretly spy on alien space craft."

Williams has presented a documentary on Radio 4 about his passion for UFOs and there have been numerous tabloid stories about his interest in extra-terrestrial life forms.

Altberg added: "If you speak to Robbie, tell him from me, 'Hey Robbie, I know where to go! I know the place!' I was abducted when I was three years old and know everything about it. I even have two friends from Mars, they are two single cell organisms called Blob and Gary."

Basshunter returns with his new single 'Every Morning' on September 21. His follow-up to 2008's Now You're Gone LP follows one week later."

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