Friday, 7 August 2009

Digital Spy : September Album Review

"Pop in 2009 isn't all about the girls - Tinchy, Dizzee and Calvin are doing quite nicely, thank you very much - but it's got a definite feminine bent. Lady GaGa and La Roux's Elly Jackson are the year's biggest new stars, Florence and the Machine has the fastest-selling debut album, and hits by everyone from Pixie Lott to Agnes are dominating the airwaves. Few would claim that this is a bad thing, especially given the music industry's notoriously sexist past, but it hasn't worked out swimmingly for everyone. One victim of the trend is Swedish dance-popper September, who was recently denied a spot on the Radio 1 playlist, insider rumours would have us believe, because there was too much "lady-pop" on there already.

Such is the influence of The Nation's Favourite Radio Station that the single in question was promptly cancelled and September's UK debut has been reduced to a download-only release. This is a real shame, because Cry For You - The Album turns out to be an unexpected gem. September - Petra Marklund to her mother - has been knocking out hits in her homeland for half a decade now, and most of them appear here in what is essentially a greatest hits collection with two footnotes. One, she's recorded a couple of newbies especially for us Brits; two, most of her old Swedish singles have been scrubbed up for 2009, gaining a somewhat ironic "UK radio edit" tag in the process."

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