Sunday, 19 October 2008

Christian Falk Ft Robyn "Dream On" The Sun Online

The Sun Online run the exclusive "Dream On" video ahead of TV;

"PINT-SIZED popstar ROBYN is back with another infectious tune that eerliy reflects today's Broken Britain.
The platinum-blonde Swede features on the new single from fellow Scandanavian CHRISTIAN FALK.

Dream On is a haunting track with all too poignant lyrics about street crime and drug dependency.
Robyn sings:

Thugs and bad men/ Punks and liars/ F***ed up interns/ Pigs and snitches...
You won't be strip-searched, torn up tonight/ You won't be cut up, bleeding tonight...
You won't be strung out, cold, shaking to your bones/ Wishing you were anywhere else but right here/ So dream on...

Dream On can be downloaded from November 17 and hits shops on November 24"

To see the feature click here.