Sunday, 19 October 2008

"Dream On" Featured on Pitchfork

"The endless succession of new and alternate Robyn videos would be easier to resist (so don't get any ideas) if she didn't have so many clever, spirited, and-- sigh-- yes, replayable songs. The Swedish pop superwoman safeguards our bodies and souls with the Ark's Ola Salo as her harmonizing sidekick on Christian Falk's "Dream On", an electropop anthem that's been re-recorded for the U.S. release of Robyn's self-titled album. The track made our top 10 of 2006; the original video didn't even show the singers, focusing on two Stockholm teenagers instead. In the new video, Robyn is front and center, calling on us to get through our troubles through her power of song. It's like something out of that WFMU "Peanuts" strip."

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