Tuesday, 16 December 2008

BBC Chartblog review Basshunter's "I Miss You"

"Should an alien spaceship decide to land on Earth between now and Easter, and demand to know what this strange frequency-manipulated sound phenomena called 'popular music' is, and how it works, it might be worth playing them this song. And no, not because we want to start an inter-planetary war right away. We've got Rick Astley for that, after all.

No, the reason why this song could be in the running where a bigger (and, let's be frank, BETTER) one may lose out, is because of the way it manages to condense many different musical threads within a short space of time. It could act as a kind of contents page for contemporary music, so that our nine-fingered snot-beast guests will be able to identify which sound they identify with the best, and then music experts can go off and fetch more music which suits their purple palate.

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