Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Basshunter interviewed by Platform

Platform interview Basshunter!

"In Britain, Basshunter is bringing back the North/South divide like coal was back in fashion. His "Dance Nation" arena tour in April doesn't feature a single gig south of Birmingham. Not that he wants to talk about why his music doesn't transcend across the Midlands. He wants to talk about wanking in the shower and the golf ball trade. Fair enough.

Hi Jonas, How are you?
I'm just excellent, perfect, i can't complain about anything. I'm in a hotel in London with two really beautiful bar tenders serving me orange juice and I'm just watching my two computers, checking my Facebook and watching crazy crazy movies.

Why don't you make some more of your brilliant music?
I could actually record and produce a song in a hotel room. Yeah, you see this is the problem with me, I have this thing called goldfish memory. That's why I'm always carrying around my dictaphone. But the most ultimate of all is my moleskin, or is it molechine?

A moleskine diary?
Yeah, exactly. I'm on my third on right now, with these three books I'm going to conquer the world.

I mean if these books end up in the wrong hands, Jesus Christ.

Do they have the sound of 2009 contained within their pages?
These pages have the sound of 2015 my friend.

My god, can you give us a glimpse.
This is for young readers though yeah?"

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