Friday, 6 August 2010

Chicane's 4 out 5 Review On Music News

"Chicane have always nudged the edge of fame with their fairly unique brand of synth pop-dance crossover music. They released a 'Best Of' a couple of years ago which did highlight some of their best moments, including 'Offshore', 'Don't Give Up' which featured Bryan Adams and 'Stoned in Love' with Tom Jones.

Two years later, and Chicane are back with 'Giants' although not too much has changed since their 'Best Of'. 'Giants' kicks off gently with Barefoot before the current single 'Middledistancerunner' cuts in. This features Adam Young from Owl City, and is a perfect guest, with his own music being quite similar to Chicane's in places. This really is a great single, with quite a powerful beat still allowing Adam Young’s vocals to drift over the top.

Next follows a much more upbeat track in 'Come Back'. This track heavily samples Paul Young's 80's hit - 'Come Back and Stay', and is another fast paced track, although perhaps a couple of minutes too long as it does get a little repetitive towards the end.

Elsewhere on 'Giants' there are a few more guest vocalists, although not all are named. Lemar features on 'What Am I Doing Here Part 2' and again suits the track perfectly. Part 1 is sung by an un-named female although I'm sure I recognise the vocal! 'Where Do I Start?' also features a female vocalists, but again I can't place the sound. This one is a top, top track so might yet make a single release? Talking of single 'Pippiholla' is on here as well, with a new (but not that noticeable) remix.

The 80’s are obviously a strong influence, as 'Hiding All The Stars' also features an 80's sample, this time from Gary Numan's 'Cars', again with mystery vocalist. This time for me the sample could be used more - some people just can't be pleased!!

'Giants' is a great release; brings next to nothing new to the table, but as a collection of 13 songs is great chill-out relaxation music, with the odd burst of energy to keep the clubbers happy as well!!"

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