Monday, 16 August 2010

Roll Deep's Green Light Featured on BBC Chart Blog

"Ah I see what's going on here. This is less a song - in the sense of something one can enjoy while sitting in a comfortable chair, sipping something fizzy and luxuriating in the sensory delight - and more a SONG - something one can use as a soundtrack to dancefloor fun - it's a LOT of fun - including acting out the lyrics, pointing at people you fancy and mouthing the words, and generally using as a script for flirting.

You can also then use it as a kind of memory trigger, once you're in that chair and you've got your pop, cos every line will trigger a visual image - that club, that boy, that girl and What Happened Next - some of which will maybe provoke a smile, others a grimace. It's all there to be played with.

Of course, if you don't use it for the purpose it was designed, it's not really going to work very well.

Here's the video. Naturally there are cars and traffic lights in it."

Read the FULL 4 out of 5 review on the BBC Chart Blog here "Green Light" is OUT NOW, click here to get your copy