Monday, 10 May 2010

Fugative Featured On Teen Today

"And we’re back, with part 2 in our greatly-anticipated Fugative series of videos. And this time, we asked your questions marriage proposals. It’s bad news I’m afraid, 16-year old Fugative claims he’s “too young for marriage”. If you can recover from that shocking news, other delights to be explored in the following 4 minutes and 35 seconds include Mr Byart describing - using only hand gestures - his ideal girl (awkward), why he’s ‘so gorgeous’, and writing songs for Britney and GaGa (not surprisingly he’d quite like to).

The headline? Yes, he agrees when we mention ‘sweet passionate love’ and yes he mentions Pixie Lotts (*manic laughter*), but not in the same sentence. Sorry to tease, but we’ve got to get visitors somehow, dear reader, else we’ll have to get real jobs.
OH, OH, OH - and we get to sing with him.

One more thing, for those amongst amongst you that have waited patiently for part 2 of our Fugative interview (the minority), I thank you. For the noisier amongst you (with footage *this* good, we can’t blame you), who have used tweets, emails, phone calls and Facebook friend requests to demand part 2 be placed online immediately, let me explain. The important PR people that set up this interview have demanded the perfectly-timed delivery of footage to ensure maximum exposure for Fugative and a chart-topping position for Crush. So there you go. Be nice now."

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