Friday, 21 May 2010

Evening Standard "Nick finally uses Lloyd Webber name"

"He has written music all his career, from rock with his band Archangel to jingles for BBC children's television.

But now Nick Lloyd Webber, 30, is embracing the family legacy and becoming a composer for the stage.

The son of Lord Lloyd Webber is writing the music for a production of The Tempest by the Oxford Shakespeare Company, founded by his wife Charlotte Windmill.

And he is using his full name for the first time instead of just Nick Webber, in a bid to promote her theatre company. He said: “I've never used the name [before] because the music should stand up for itself.”

Nick is the third generation of composers in the clan: grandfather William wrote choral, organ, chamber and orchestral music.

The Tempest is on at The Walks, Gray's Inn; the Observatory Garden in Greenwich Royal Park; and Hampton Court Palace on dates between June 9 and August 30."

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