Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Fugative Interview Featured On 4Music

16 year old Essex boy Harry Byart otherwise known as Fugative has already had a Top 5 hit in the UK Urban Chart with his single Summertime. Now releasing the lead single Crush from his debut album, Fugative tells us what he thinks of fellow teen Justin Bieber and collaborating with Lady Gaga...

Q: Tell us about your new single, Crush.

A: Well it's my first single of my debut album No Goin' Home. I love the whole summer vibe of the record and the energy it has! Me and one of Diddy's producers Young Lord was working on some tracks in the studio and as soon at I heard those drums I was like, this is the one!

Q: You have a female vocalist on the track. How did you find collaborating with another person?

A: Yeah, it was really cool. It's a nice break from sitting in the studio working on tracks by myself. It's wicked to vibe off another person who's really excited about the record as much as I am.

Q: Who would be your dream collaboration and why?

A: I guess Lady Gaga because she is so ahead of her time and completely out of the box. I think we would create a smash!

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