Thursday, 6 May 2010

Kaci Battaglia Featured On Teen Today

"CALL ME CRAZY, but I ignored Crazy Possessive by Kaci Battaglia when it leaked months ago, in favour of other tracks by bigger artists. What can I say? I’m a slave to the machine. But then I overheard it playing on 4Music by chance and out of the ashes was born an obsession. An obsession that saw my playcount rise from 3 plays to 56 in the space of about 9 days. But is it a hit? Why don’t you click more to find out?

Some of you will remember Kaci Battaglia as just plain wee Kaci who scored UK top 10 11 hits with Paradise (11) and I Think I Love You (10) when she was just 12-years-old. Now she’s back with an absolute vengeance - literally. This insane, unhinged smasher of an electropop single will ring familiar with every girl or guy who has clenched a fist when a love rival got a little too close to their partner. Thing is, Kaci actually WILL fuck you up - she’s also a professional kickboxing instructor. In the video, Kaci ends up bitchfighting with herself and then leaving herself for dead in the swimming pool. Oo-er.

Crazy Possessive sounds a bit like the backing music to the boss level on an old Commadore 64 game. I’m willing to bet most TT readers are too young to have a clue what I’m talking about - so if I say “jaunty with a hint of menace”, you’re going to have to take my word for it that boss levels on Commadore 64 games sounded like that. It also sounds like warning sirens, and the scene in a horror movie where the camera zooms in from behind on the dumb blonde protagonist who whips round to see that there’s actually nothing there and then turns back only to have her head lopped off by a maniac serial killer (errr...) . The lyrics are simple yet effective. “Am I possessive, just because I’m claiming what’s mine?” asks Kaci. Well as long as “claiming” doesn’t involve, ahem, spraying, I think you’re in the clear, love. And of course, depending on whether you’re listening to the censored or explicit version, there is alternate AMAZING use of the words “muck” and “fuck”. And “muck” is a word that isn’t used half as much as it should be in pop music.

Am I immature enough to pay attention to this song just because of the blasé use of profanity? Well, yes. But it also has the all-important strut factor. Put it on your iPod and walk down the street feeling invincible. BIG HIT.

Once you’re done strutting around like you own the place, tell us: Kaci Battlestar Galactica Crazy Possessive shit or hit?"
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