Friday, 7 May 2010

Example "Kickstarts" Featured On Electroqueer!

Kickstarts holds it as a HUGE tune on it’s own but these remixes, well they both equally catapult it into the megaspheredom & have made me create a new adjective which the spellchecker does not like.

Fenech Soler have come a long way since The Cult Of The Romance and Airbrushed first hit my playlists over a 18 months back. Adding a wallop of electrifying glam into the mix Fenech Soler take on this mighty melody bringing it’s sound around into a well tied up parcel of tribal beats which blends in well in amongst those tin pan drums, finishing up with a sound that just makes me wanna shout SAMBA!

Example - Kickstarts - Fenech Soler Remix by Ministry of Sound

Here it is traxxies, the slammin jam that has gotten your EQTrax blogger at her perkiest ever! Dutch house master Afrojack pulls out a mix of heavy bass & turntable spins that leaves me no option but to tag it “fucking raving awesome”, “The dog’s bollocks” & “The monkey’s nuts” or if I am to be deemed waaay cool "Mad Props!" yes It IS all of those things and so much more. I’d be happy to listen to just this one remix the whole day long, infact I will do just that today.

Example - Kickstarts - Afrojack Remix by Ministry of Sound

Kickstarts is out June 13th on Data Records

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