Sunday, 23 May 2010

All Gigs 5 out of 5 For Example Live!

"2010 has been the breakthrough year for Elliot Gleave, aka Example. The rapper from London already had a hit last year with "Watch the Sun Come Up" followed by a more electro themed "Won't Go Quietly" earlier this year. With his commercial success apparent fans embarked upon the Islington Academy to see if Example could put on a decent set to secure his credentials as a live act.

The lights dimmed to blackness and a cheer arose from the crowd. Expecting the rapper to appear on stage, anticipation grew as the drum n bass backing track got more and more intense but the stage remained empty. The audience screamed in delight when the leather jacket clad Example appeared on stage and addressed his fans asking for their opinion on his hair. His confidence was obvious but his humorous interaction with the audience avoided crossing the line into arrogance.

Kicking off the set the crowd surged and jumped screaming the rapper's lyrics obediently. At the end of his first song the jacket came off and the band launched straight into "Me and Mandy" followed by "Watch The Sun Come Up", "Girl Can't Dance" throwing in a "Born Slippy" by Underworld sample to throw the crowd into a frenzy.

The set had a heavy drum n bass feel, adapting his hits to a club scene with the remixes. We were given a taste of his new album with a couple of singles while he teased the crowd asking if they'd already pre-ordered it. I'll admit I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of his set. A lot of artists don't translate from radio to live well but Example did not follow this trend. It was a high energy show that entertained and interacted with the crowd who were jumping along all the way through. The cheers for an encore were deafening and after they were given another couple of songs, the fans left happy. All in all, a great set from a talented rapper - I will definitely jump at the chance to see him again."

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