Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Roll Deep Good Times A- On The Beat Review

"Grime pioneers Roll Deep has returned anew to the music scene with a bang through their new single,Good Times which features Jodie Connor doing the lead vocals. Right from the onset, the hook of the single is clearly noticeable – showing itself into the listener with ease. The said hook delivered by Miss Connor actually is only one of the strong facets that Good Times has. Miss Connor clearly added some punch into an already-loaded track. The vibe induced by the track also helps in creating a great and enjoyable listening experience. It may remind one of his ‘good times.’ Pardon the pun but that is how the track presented itself.
Weird as it may seem, I did like the rapping done in the track. That unique British accent is just pure ace. Add this unique accent with Miss Connor’s impressive vocals and what you great is a track that is filled with positive vibes all over the place. The chorus is absolutely a charm. In my humble opinion, all the pieces fit in the track with ease. Ultimately, Good Times succeeds effortlessly in giving one an experience filled with ‘good times’ (pardon the pun again)."

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