Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Wonder Stuff's Miles Hunt presents Shared!

Miles Hunt has personally invited a group of the artists whom he has admired over the years, to perform acoustic/stripped back sets at Shared at The Birmingham Town Hall on Friday 30th January 2009.

Those artists are;

Wayne Hussey (The Mission)
Nick Heyward (Haircut 100)
Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera)
Katell Keineg
Miles Hunt will also be performing, as will Erica Nockalls of The Wonder Stuff.

Review tickets for this show are available, as are the artists for interviews. Please do shout if you would like tickets or promo time.

For more information go to - to buy tickets click here

"Having now been touring and releasing records for over two decades I have seen more than my fair share of gigs. From the early energetic and often shambolic era of the mid’ 80’s Indie Music Scene, where I first cut my teeth, to the more considered forum of the acoustic singer/songwriter & raconteur that I now find myself a part of. And I’m more than happy in the company that I currently share.

So much so that having been given the opportunity to play at the newly refurbished Birmingham Town Hall I fought off the temptation of simply hogging the limelight to myself and instead felt compelled to invite a gathering of some of the finest players I’ve seen over the years, some of them friends of mine and others that I have admired from a distance. Every artist performing at “Shared” has had a great affect on me, not only as a writer/performer myself, but also as a fan and I take it as an honour that they have accepted my invite.

I like to think that this, hopefully the first of many such events, will allow audiences to reconnect, or even connect for the first time, with artists that continue to write, record and tour but in my humble opinion perhaps do not receive the attention that they deserve, given their wonderfully consistent output, each spanning more than a decade. And where better to stage this event than the prestigious surroundings of Birmingham Town Hall?

It is with great pleasure then that I invite one and all to come and share in a night that features such varied and distinct performers. It promises to be a very special evening indeed."

Miles Hunt