Sunday, 18 January 2009

Virgin Media: One track, ten remixes from US rapper poised to be massive

Virgin Media review Kid Cudi VS Crookers "Day N Nite"

"The enthusiastic patronage of Kanye West has ensured that Kid Cudi is currently Amercia’s hottest new hip-hop property. The rapper/singer has appeared on Kanye’s new album 808s & Heartbreak, supported his mentor on tour, and in advance of his debut album, Man On The Moon: The Guardians, his record label is now releasing an album-length CD of ten remixes of his first single, Day ‘N’ Nite, by Italian club DJs and producers Crookers.

The song is formidable, a spacey, bass-heavy slice of deep house that will sound fantastic echoing around club rafters, but one questions exactly how many versions of the song even the most loyal Cudi fan will require. Despite the best efforts of the estimable Crookers, it’s hard to get a piece of paper between the Jokers Of The Scene remix and the Agent X Remix, for example. Nevertheless, Day ‘N’ Nite is a hugely promising debut, and leaves you thinking that Kid Cudi may even justify Kanye’s elevated opinion of his protégé’s worth."

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