Thursday, 8 January 2009

Click Music 4 out 5 review for Travis

"Travis can be terribly inconsistent at times. We all know that they can produce absolute gems which will shortly be followed by something... not so shiny. Fortunately this falls into the former category - it's got 'anthem' scrawled in white all over it. 'Song To Self' sounds powerful and relevant, which for Travisnowadays, is a very good thing. The tune is a little more rock orientated than one may be used to, nodding to the likes of Radiohead and Manic Street Preachersfor inspiration but keeping the same great indie melodies.

The drums and guitars create a well structured wall of power-pop for the vocals to smash off of with a serious intent, ready to wash into your ears. If you are not caught up in some part of this, it's possible that you have no soul. It's clear thatTravis are re-invigorated and ready to rock the early part of 2009; a song that they sing to themselves, but fans old and new will certainly embrace this emotive tune and make it their own as they try and get through the first months of this new year."

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