Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Gigwise Review GuilFest 2010

"With numerous music festivals happening each weekend through out summer and with only a limited amount of artists currently available to choose from, sticking out and separating itself from others can be a hard thing for festival organisers to achieve.

This may give reason to why the organisers of Guilfest have decided to break away from many of the obvious choices and pitch it as a guilt free family friendly weekend where both young and old can find enough familiar names on the line-up to ensue all remain happy.

With the sun beaming, Friday’s mixed bag of entertainment swung from the local based unknown right up to the giddy heights of recent second stage Glastonbury headliners; somewhere between these two points lies the place instrumentalists 65 Days of Static find themselves locked into. With many people pouring through the gates, there dynamically driven set of bone crunching riffs and electronic wizardry offered a hard hitting punch of a warning to those who traditionally park their asses at the main stage all weekend." (Continued)

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