Thursday, 29 July 2010

Example Vs Jedward - Featured on The Sun Online

"It's refreshing to hear a celebrity saying what they think rather than give a cookie-cutter media-trained answer. So when EXAMPLE revealed his true feelings on JEDWARD, he certainly felt the wrath of the twins' diehard fans. The rapper, real name Elliot Gleave, was quizzed on Twitter over whether or not he would be purchasing their new record Planet Jedward.
And when the Won't Go Quietly singer said no, the insults came flooding in.

Example said: "There is a very small cross-section of fans that like me and Jedward... my dubstep mates think it's hilarious.
"One fan asked if I was buying the twins' new album anytime soon and when I said no, I got loads of hate.I started arguing with people on Twitter calling themselves LauralovesJedward or GemmaGrimes. One girl from Dublin accused me of hating the Irish and said she deleted my album. Then people started copying in Jedward fan groups - like the Jedheads - and started spreading the word not to follow me."

"I was in a Tweet debate for four hours. One person told me not to have a go at them because they would write their own songs one day when they're ready. I said I'd cover one of their self-penned songs and do a rendition of Ghostbusters, but the irony was lost on their fans when they told me I'd ruin it."

Example - who currently has 24,000 followers compared to JOHN and EDWARD's 57,000 - finally admitted defeat by writing: "Jedwards fans - the reason I'm not as big as Jedward is cos I didn't sleep with Louie (sic) Walsh. Maybe next year with a bit of luck."

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The popular Tweet caused enough controversy to make the homepage of the social networking site on Tuesday. Example said: "When I finally wrote about LOUIS WALSH I purposefully spelt his name wrong so I can't get done for libel. If anyone comes looking for me I'll just say I was writing about the French guy." The Londoner continued to defend his antics, adding: "I'm used to ranting in real life so why not vent on Twitter? I want to become the new Twitter hate man. I'm just saying what all the other celebs are thinking. Think about how openly NOEL and LIAM (GALLAGHER) spoke about taking drugs and calling this DJ or that band a ****. Apparently if I say any of that I'll be taken off the playlist at Radio 1. I can't have a go a certain people. And I certainly can't have a go at LORRAINE KELLY because my TV plugger will have me."

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