Thursday, 8 July 2010

Basshunter's Big Brother Blog Part 4 on AOL TV!

"Wow I am totally obsessed with Big Brother's official! So much is going on in that tiny little house!

To start with I thought it was so funny how the tree of temptation got an army commando in to make Ben do reps! He was such a wimp, I can't believe he got Dave, one of his best friends in there to replace him just so he got out of it!

Poor Dave admitted he had done NO exercise in 20 years...and Ben must have known he was unfit...dude, seriously don't do that to your mates! He is going to be majorly unpopular if he carries on like that!

I can't believe Shabby has left the house. I thought that girl had more determination than that. I know how hard it is living in the BB House but I thought she was one of the strong ones and would at least stay until evicted...who am I going to watch kicking off now?

Looking forward to the nomination results...I haven't seen them yet I've been busy at T4 On The Beach in the UK so Shhhhh!!!

And for God's Sake would John James PLEASE just Kiss Josie??? Arggh!!"

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