Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Alt Sounds GuilFest Review: "The Dirty Disco Stole The Weekend"

"There was one band who I have been very keen to catch live, ever since hearing their song ‘Sista!’ a couple of months ago. Thankfully, I knew that I was in luck when I saw that The Dirty Disco were going to be gracing the Good Times Stage (after District 6). I was aware that the band are absolutely gifted at delivering a visual spectacle like no other and they did not disappoint. Just to give you a bit of insight into the photographers world at a festival, it’s not always an easy task to shoot fast moving artists, in often low light conditions, BUT, the Dirty Disco are absolutely the most stunning and photogenic band of all time; especially front man Adam Boy who is a genius.

The Dirty Disco team produce electro-pop-rock tunes and thus, every song has a groove and beat which is simple to hook onto and move your body to (reflected in some members of the audience). Anyhow, I found myself shooting photo’s on an outside stage, with plenty of room and a crazy bunch of talented musicians to capture (perfect conditions). Mid set, Adam leant down and stared straight into the lens (picture below), before ruffling up my carefully crafted hair-do! A truly and totally EPIC set! The Dirty Disco stole the weekend for me and they blew me away."

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