Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Digital Spy Interview Basshunter

"Since he finished a respectable fourth on Celebrity Big Brother back in January, our world has been disappointingly Basshunter-free. Thankfully, the Swedish dance star is currently working on an album - his sixth! - and trailing it with a typically bangin' new single. Since our quick catch-up at T4 On The Beach didn't quite fulfil our needs, we met up with Basshunter for a more in-depth discussion about that new LP, breaking the States and how he goes about wooing the ladies.

Are you enjoying being back in London?
"It's great, but I've been to nine countries in seven days! I've had five shows in five different countries, but I've had four transfers too, so technically it's nine. It's been a very productive and very creative week, but it's been very destructive too. As you can see I look quite ruined."

You still look fresh-faced to us...
"Thanks! It's just good make-up though. You're looking pretty good yourself."

Why thank you! So, what have you been up to since Big Brother?
"Straight after the show I went on tour in India, which was ruined by a bomb that went off in the area. A lot of people were injured and it destroyed the whole mood! I then went home for a couple of weeks, and then went on a US tour, and now I'm here!"

How would you describe your new single, 'Saturday'?
"Well, I recorded it in the short time I spent at home, and it's definitely different to my older stuff. I'm getting quite a mixed reaction to it - I've had emails from new fans saying they love it, but also messages from my hardcore fans saying it's too commercial. I've been making trance music for eight years now and I've always experimented, so this song is just a natural progression for me."

Click here to read the FULL interview on Digital Spy Basshunter's new single Saturday is out on the 18th July, click here to buy!