Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Example's iTunes Festival Show reviewed by RWD

"..Example was already a couple of songs into an impressive set. See The Sea – taken from his latest album Won’t Go Quietly – worked its way around the venue and Example stressed to the active audience that they should go wild as this was being “streamed live”. Moments later the 14+ audience went wild again as popular singles Watch The Sun Come Up, Won’t Go Quietly and Kickstarts sent them bouncing.. The set ended with E saying, “My name is Example, and if you can’t hear me…” and at that point he pointed at the massive logo below his DJ’s (DJ Wire) booth, before going into the last track. “You’ll like this one…,” he blurted. “You look like hooligans… Try and kill each other but with no bloodshed.” The superb soundsystem coped with the epic bass from Hooligans and with that Example’s sick set was complete."

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A fan's video from the show;