Monday, 9 March 2009

Sky News Business "Redundancy Can Be The Beginning, Not The End"

Read our latest piece, featured on the Sky News Business Homepage;

"As the UK economy continues its rapid descent and job losses continue to rise, some respected leading business men are suggesting that now is a good time for nurturing entrepreneurs.

Whilst redundancy mostly comes as a shock, it can also be the push in the right direction for individuals who have dreamed of working for themselves, often with a nice little financial package to assist this process. This is how Tomorrow Never Knows was born, and another reason for our company name.

Now, many people envy our position and the freedom and flexibility of working for ourselves allows. We work from home, call the shots, set our working day and our agenda. But it's not a bed of roses. With a family to support, you have to be more driven and hardworking to make sure you can cover your basic costs, and having no guarantee that more work will come in is extremely stressful.

If we don't work we don't get paid. If we are sick, we don't get paid. If we go on holiday, we don't get paid. And however busy we are, If we don't chase every opportunity we come across, that could a possible client lost forever. Working from home obviously has its attractions: no lengthy commute, no expensive travel costs, no traffic jams or delayed trains which in the past would mean missing reading the kids their bedtime stories."

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