Friday, 27 March 2009

Digital Spy : Velvet Review

Digital Spy review Velvet's "Chemistry" and add the video:

"She's blonde, leggy and videogenic, massive in Northern Europe and makes her living singing big, brassy club bangers. Nope, we're not talking about the lovely September, but her fellow Swedish pop diva Velvet. If you're currently thinking "What sort of a name is that?", you'll be glad to know that she's known as Jenny to her nearest and dearest.

'Chemistry', Velvet/Jenny's first UK release, is a cheap and cheerful floor-filler that somehow finds reason to drop the word "biogravity" into its lyrics. It's not nearly as infectious as September's 'Cry For You' - pretty much the gold standard for this kind of thing - but it'll do the business at 3am in a packed, pissed up nightclub. Call it just good enough then."

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