Monday, 23 March 2009

Archangel "Do It Again" featured on YouTube Homepage!

Archangel's "Do It Again" has been featured on the YouTube main and music homepages, in the UK, Ireland & the Netherlands!

Archangel headline Club Rif Raf @ The Proud Galleries on Thursday 26th March, for more information click here
"Rif Raf likes to make discoveries: at eight, we discovered that swapping our prized AT-AT Walker for three Garbage Pail Kids stickers and a Cadbury’s Chomp did not make sound long-term business sense; at fifteen, that swigging half a litre of cheap vodka in a field will inexorably lead to puke-stained embarrassment and possible hospitalization rather than dance-floor canoodlings at the school disco; and at 23, that working in telesales really, really, sucks. This year, though, we made a more pleasant discovery: that the lineage of fantastic new wave, new romantic, soul-edged funk pop did not hit a bricked-up dead-end the day Bowie formed Tin Machine - thanks to the ludicrously talented Archangel. Channelling the neon spirits of Japan, ABC and Roxy Music, as well as influences as diverse as Motown, INXS and Arcade Fire – Paul Lester at the Guardian describes it as “excellent melodramatic pop”, The Beat Surrender calls brainchild Nick Webber a “twisted little genius” and NME think it’s “corking, angular art-punk” - it’s a 21st Century take on the type of music people simply don’t make anymore. Only we’ve found out that they do. Discover for yourself on the 26th"