Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Example WINS Popjustice 2010 Twenty Quid Music Prize!

Example WON the prestigious Popjustice 2010 Twenty Quid Music Prize, becoming the first male artist to do so!!

The judges whittled the shortlist down to two finalists, Example's "Kickstarts" and Mini Viva's "I Wish" and despite Mini Viva's Britt Love being in the room with the judges, they lost.

On hearing the news, Example tweeted "I don't know what to say. I wish I could be there right now. I'm currently backstage in Ibiza with Pendulum discussing Tequila".

Read more about the Twenty Quid Music Prize and how it was judged on Popjustice here

Here are the previous winners of the Twenty Quid Music Prize;

2010 : Example "Kickstarts"
2009 : Girls Aloud "The Promise"
2008 : Girls Aloud "Call The Shots"
2007 : Amy Winehouse "Rehab"
2006 : Girls Aloud "Biology"
2005 : Girls Aloud "Wake Me Up"
2004 : Rachel Stevens "Some Girls"
2003 : Girls Aloud "No Good Advice"