Thursday, 16 September 2010

Example Interviewed By Dance Pop

It's fair to say that 2010 has been a monster year for Example. With two Top 10 singles under his belt, followed by a Top 10 album, the rapper-come-dance star has never been bigger. We caught up with Elliot as he prepares for another big hit...

Your new album takes on a completely different sound from your previous work. What inspired you to move from hip-hop into the dance direction?
"Nothing really inspired me as such. It just happened naturally. I got bored of listening to hip-hop and became more interested in rave music and dubstep and old bands from the '70s. Whether or not you can hear that in my music doesn't matter. I basically just stopped finding inspiration in the same places as I did for my first album. And my third album will be different again."

But will you be keeping to the dance sound?
"I am definitely going to stick with dance music rather than hip hop but I'll move freely between electro house, dubstep, drum 'n' bass and whatever else tickles my fancy. I'm listening to mostly grunge music from the '90s whilst I write this album but all the music is inspired by techno and trance."

Tell us about the new single 'Last Ones Standing'. How did it come about?
"I wrote the song in a few hours. I was in Sweden working on the song with Bjorn Yttling, from Peter, Bjorn and John, and it just flowed out of me naturally. I wrote the lyrics "we're on the run" and then "she's like a gun" and then decided to make the song about this Bonnie and Clyde type couple who head out into the night and paint the town red."

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