Tuesday, 7 September 2010

BBC Chart Blog Feature Example's Last Ones Standing

"We've all got friends for whom pop music is not a big thing. They might feel they're above it, or too old to get excited about it nowadays, as if the ears suddenly turn to cardboard once you're past a certain age. They still well up if a song has been used appropriately in a TV drama or a film, and they'll be up on the dance-floor with everyone else if the situation demands it, but otherwise it's not an abiding passion.

I also have friends like this, and we've never really felt the need to discuss or debate the issue. I'm into music, they're into cricket or literature or toast or whatever and that's just the way it is. However, recently there's been a change. Two of my non-music friends, entirely independently of each other, recently admitted to being rather partial to the songs of Example. They didn't even really know who he was, they just heard some tunes and decided they liked them.

Now, from a sample group of this size it is not possible to draw scientifically significant conclusions, but if it was, would that not rather suggest that Example's sonic stylings are stronger than normal music? Strong enough to break past years of indifference and avoidance?

Or would it just mean that he literally makes music for people who do not like music?"

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"Last Ones Standing" is released on 12th September, pre-order your copy here, and get the album "Won't Go Quietly" here