Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Sun : Example Kickstarts Single - Video Exclusive

The Sun Online feature Example's behind the scenes video as an exclusive, currently on the music homepage. Kickstarts, out this week looks likely to be his first top 5 hit!

EXAMPLE reckons he has sexy co-stars in his video because his face 'isn't interesting enough.'
The Brit rapper makes the claim as he mucks about on the set of his Kickstarts promo in our exclusive behind the scenes video.

Explaining a split screen shot the Londoner joke: "The reason we're doing split screen is because my face isn't interesting enough on its own.

"So if you have me on one side and a fit bird on the other the viewers won't be put off my face and will be forced to watch the gorgeous girl."

Kickstarts is only released today but is already tailing KYLIE in the iTunes chart, at number 4.
The single will be followed by the release of the album, Won't Go Quietly, on June 20.

See the feature on The Sun Online here

Download "Kickstarts" from iTunes here