Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Drake's "Thank Me Later" Reviewed on Brit Asian

"Drake releases his much anticipated debut album ‘Thank Me Later’ which is greeted with a solid track list with the ‘best of the best’ features on the record from Alicia Keys to Jay-Z.

Fans that were expecting material similar to ‘Drake’s ‘Forever’ record will be disappointed as the rapper/singer opted for a more mellow, laid back body of work. This however should not put off fans, male or female, as the album is a solid piece of work not just geared around stand out singles - it’s a full flowing animal!

Drake showcases his talent as a singer and rapper throughout the album as he goes toe-toe with Alicia Keys in the mellow intro, ‘Fireworks’ where Drake apparently talks about his brief relationship with R&B singer Rihanna.

Some of Drake’s best rap based records on the album include the collaboration with the upcoming female rapper Nicki Minaj in ‘Up All Night’ where both artists spit nicely over a potent beat fit enough for the likes of any ‘Mobb Deep’ record!

Drake brings along Young Jeezy on ‘Unforgettable’, which is one of the best tracks on ‘Thank Me Later’. The mix of Drake’s soft rapping and singing with Young Jeezy’s husky rap/chorus works to a tee!"

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