Friday, 4 June 2010

Digital Spy Interview Example

"Having scored a top ten hit back in January with 'Won't Go Quietly', and collaborated with the likes of Calvin Harris and Chase & Status on his upcoming album, 2010 is ripe for Example's taking. As he prepares to release new single 'Kickstarts', we met up with the rapper - real name Elliot Gleave - to find out what that album's got to offer us.

Are you pleased with the response to 'Kickstarts' so far?
"I suppose the best you can hope for is radio play - and we've got plenty of that! The second thing is having a well-received video on YouTube and TV. As my tour continues, more and more people in the audience seem to know the words to the song, so it does seem to be catching on."

You worked on the track with drum 'n' bass producer Sub Focus - was it difficult making a radio-friendly song with him?
"We actually made the song together quite recently. He gave me the beats in December, we recorded it in January and finished it in February. I've known him for a few years, and despite what you may think, he loves pop. The reason he's so successful is that he makes accessible drum 'n' bass music that's well-produced and melodic. I can't give him enough praise to be honest! What he's done on 'Kickstarts' is to give a hardcore club edge to a lyrically poppy single."

Are you hoping it will out-perform 'Won't Go Quietly'?
"The signs are good and the vibe from everyone is that it should and will do better, but it's important for me not to write songs with the intention of them getting to number one. When it comes to singles, there's far too much pressure put on having number ones or top tens. On the other hand, I made my album with the hope of getting to number one, because I want my music to reach as many people as possible."

How does this album compare to your last?
"I didn't really know what I was doing on the last album – it was so disjointed. I think it had a little cult following because of that. In terms of my identity though, a lot of the subjects on that album don't really apply to me anymore. Before I kept thinking, 'Oh, how can I be controversial?', but I've now realised that wasn't really me, and my new album feels a lot more personal. The fact that it's electro and dance-based as opposed to hip-hop is something that's happened naturall"

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Example's single "Kickstarts" is released on 13th June - Pre-order it from iTunes here