Thursday, 17 June 2010

Basshunter's Big Brother Blog on AOL TV!

Basshunter will be writing a weekly blog about the current and final series of Big Brother, exclusively for AOL TV

"Wow, what a start to Big Brother! I've been in the UK a lot this week doing promo so have been able to catch up on everything BB. It feels like such a long time since I was in CBB, but watching the opening night brought back all the memories of walking into the house at the start of the year! And what a way to start the show....the circus theme was quite weird, but watching the potential housemates discover they had become ACTUAL housemates was awesome!

Poor Mario though! being selected at random and then being forced to wear the mole suit can't have been the best way to start your Big Brother experience, but Mario's 'impossible' challenge definitely kept me gripped! Seeing the tree of a temptation back took me back to CBB when I was set my task which I refused – and we all remember the consequences!!"

This is just an extract, read the full feature on AOL TV here

Meanwhile, Basshunter's new single "Saturday", released 18th July has been added to the Radio One C List!!