Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Basshunter's Big Brother Blog Part 3 on AOL TV!

"It looks like the next couple of weeks in the house are going to be really interesting given the romances and love triangles that are going on! I am sure after last night's show that Josie and John James are going to get it on, but does Nathan like Josie too? Will he get jealous? Can't wait to see what happens!

Also things are hotting up between Keeva and Shabby - even though Keeva has a boyfriend and says she doesn't want anything to happen there is clearly some sexual tension going on there - will she break Shabby's heart?

I missed the weekend show because I was travelling to the UK to perform my new single Saturday on Sunday's Big Brother's Little Brother - did anyone see me?

It was great fun meeting the crew and getting to walk round backstage...I even got to meet Zig and Zag - they are cool guys.

They wouldn't let me into the diary room though as there's really high security round the house! Oh well, maybe next time...."

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