Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Example Chats To I Like Music

"Rapper Example's second single opened with the refrain "you can't rap, you're white and you're from Fulham," a sentiment that he has consistently been proving wrong since first coming to the attention of mainstream music media in 2006. With his second album, Won't Go Quietly, available now and packed with big name collaborators, his ascent to the mainstream seems assured.

I Like Music spoke with Example about his hectic touring schedule, working with a bevy of producers on his new material, songwriting, and his plans to headline Glastonbury.

"I Like Music because…it's what I live for." EXAMPLE

ILM: What do look forward to the most about playing live, how has your live show developed over the last few years?

Example: Well, over the last two years I've done about 400 gigs! On top of that, in the last month I've done 20 gigs. You get on tour and do all these gigs, which you get really hyped up for, and then you come off stage and people are like "you've gotta go to bed now," but I'm on this natural high from the show. You can imagine the buzz you get up there; it's like winning an Olympic gold medal every time you perform to a thousand people and they all go nuts. Sometimes, even if I've come off stage at eleven I can't get to sleep until one. I might have to start getting valium!

ILM: Out of all of those shows you've done, what have been some of the highlights?

Example: For this tour in particular Bristol was great. It was a massive venue, which I didn't expect to sell out. Manchester was brilliant. There was a poor young girl carried out on a stretcher from heat exhaustion. When I got off stage my jeans were stuck to my legs it was so sweaty! Highlights over the last few years have included Wireless Festival last year, which I'm looking forward to playing again this year, Ibiza Rocks supporting Dizzee, Glastonbury three years ago. I've been lucky enough to travel all over Europe. I just can't wait to play a gig in Australia!"

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