Thursday, 1 October 2009

Popjustice Daily Pop Briefing features both Crazy Loop and Young Soul Rebels

"Eight singles from the next eight weeks

October 11
Crazy Loop - 'Crazy Loop (Mm Ma Ma)'
This is Dan 'Dan' Balan from O-Zone and it is 100% ridiculous. It has already been Number One in Romania.

October 18
Young Soul Rebels 'I Got Soul'
This song performs three useful functions. Firstly, the reimagined version of The Killers' 'All These Things That I've Done' is good in its own right (although a couple of portions are slightly ropey). Secondly, it annoys serious Killers fans who, feeling rather threatened after that absolute dog of a last Killers album, are in a state of panic, running around bleating "oh dear oh no the world is going to end my favourite song has been butchered by 'urban' and 'pop' people". Thirdly, if you buy it it will make everything that is bad in the world suddenly become good, because that is how charity records work. In fact that's not how it works at all - it's really just about awareness so perhaps you don't need to even buy the song, you just need to be aware that it exists. And having read this far you're already aware of its existence. Your work here is done."

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