Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Chicane "Hiding All The Stars" - released 19th October 2009

The Chicane video for "Hiding All The Stars" is attracting a good deal of comment, much like the sleeve for the single (check the website here)

The video which features long time Chicane vocalist Tash Andrews in two distinctly different guises that has upset some unaccustomed to seeing girls boxing.

The last two Chicane videos including the hit 'Poppiholla', have dealt with misconception. Indeed, when the cover of 'Hiding All the Stars' was first issued people thought that a woman with a black eye must be the subject of abuse. As always in life jumping to conclusions is a tricky thing. The film reveals that Tash or her character, likes to box.

Nick was intrigued by the 2012 Olympic committee's decision to allow boxing to be included in the Games, and coincidently saw feminist Germaine Greer's views on the BBC's One show. We all jump to conclusions, and he thought Germaine would be anti the sport - she initially was, but having spent time with some female boxers, she saw how empowering it was and shocked herself by realizing it could be a good thing.

The One Show's blog showed just how contentious the whole thing is, people were incensed by the idea of the 'last bastion of maleness' being infiltrated. The media is male dominated so it will be interesting to see the reaction there, if any of course.

The video's supporting cast include Jacqui-Lee Pryce, a boxing coach and actress (Mike Nichol's Closer, Doctors), who works with the Olympic team and Mitch Horner, (The Bill, Grange Hill), Ola, who featured in the last Chicane video, 'Poppihola'.

The fact a glamorous woman likes to box is something the world will have to come to terms with, like women soldiers being in the front line. Like a lot of life we may not agree but we salute the freedom of the individual. Tash enjoyed the training, it is one of the hardest sporting disciplines in the world.

The video was shot in the east end of London. Misconceptions are everywhere, one that commonly occurs with the band is that Nick or Chicane is a DJ.