Thursday, 1 October 2009

Beat Surrender review Gods, Gangsters & Honour

"Steven Machat has been clever in writing this autobiographical book, he doedsn’t bore us with 70 pages about his childhood which nobody really cares about in these sorts of books, instead he cuts to the chase and gets straight into the rock n’ roll stories that make it such a fascinating read.

Having been something of a go to man in the American music industry once his father let him into that life, you get a taste for the thrill, enjoyment and at times grief he got for his troubles.

Tales of gangsters shaking down label bosses, label bosses screwing foreign record companies, stupid musicians, brilliant businessmen and some of the biggest stars of the last 40 years (Michael Jackson, Wu Tang Clan, ELO, The Osbournes, Frank Sinatra, The Rolling Stones, Dr Dre... you name them and they are in here."

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