Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Yahoo's 8 Out Of 10 For Roll Deep's Winner Stays On

"It's safe to say that Wiley's reputation precedes that of his long-time crew Roll Deep's. Just count the reasons: those entertaining tantrums he throws, his retirements and eventual comebacks, his valid claim to the title of grime laureate and a breathless work rate that's nigh on impossible to keep tabs on. The short of it is, Wiley's a complex phenomenon who can broadcast his daily life in a live internet stream - doing little but eating pizza and chatting nonsense - and still keep us gripped.

He's incredibly loyal too. The Eski boy might be a fully-fledged pop star but he'll never, ever abandon his crew. "There's no I in team", rap Roll Deep here as Wiley leads them in a grime-pop masterclass. Crossover single ‘Avenue' showed they had it in them to hit radio A-lists, but recent number ones ‘Good Time' and ‘Green Light', both in attendance here, saw Wiley and Roll Deep serving notice to grime's most puritanical that they were ready to turn all their critical high regard into something that sells big.

‘Winner Stays On' will do just that. And yet it's blistering tuff-edged stuff that's no bloodless kow-tow to the chart. The popular ascent of Tinie Tempah and onetime Deep members Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Strydershows the public aren't afraid of black British youths rapping over grubby beats and bumping synths as they once seemed to be, so the compromises made here are far less than detractors might assume."

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