Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Pop Dash Interview Roll Deep

Roll Deep have had unrivalled success in 2010. Their two singles 'Good Times' and 'Green Light' have both gone to Number One and now they are hooking up with Strictly Come Dancing star Alesha Dixon to release their new single 'Take Control'. We rang up Manga from the band to chat to him about all things Roll Deep.
PopDash: Tell us all about your new single 'Take Control'...

It's the best single ever! No actually, it's called Take Control and it's the third part of the Roll Deep trilogy that started with 'Good Times' and 'Green Light'.

PopDash: How does this track fit into the trilogy?

Well 'Good Times' is all about the rave and going out, 'Green Light' is when you meet someone and the 'Take Control' is when you get home and party till the sun comes out.

PopDash: So it's a song about sex?

Yeah, basically.

PopDash: Alesha Dixon is the guest star on 'Take Control'. How did you manage to get her involved?

She just kept hassling us and ringing up all the time so eventually we just gave in and let her record the chorus. No, I'm just joking. We've known Alesha for ages and needed someone to come do this vocal and thought of her. Luckily for us it worked out very, very well.

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