Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Roll Deep Featured On BBC Chart Blog

"I've had this CD in my bag for weeks: played it too. It's never been the first one into the ChartBlog CD player of a morning, and never the one that gets a couple of repeat plays before moving on to something else, but it does get played, it does get a warm reaction when it comes on, and this is why it has yet to be introduced into the Fruitbowl of Ruin on my desk.

This is no small achievement, and should be treated as the sincere accolade it clearly is.

(You can probably guess what the Fruitbowl of Ruin is for. Currently there's no fruit in it, it would have to be cut into VERY thin slices in order to fit in between all of the CDs. There's a lot of ruinous music around, sadly.)

(Here's the video. Spaaaaace taaaxxxxxiiiii!)

So, let's see how the Rollers managed to survive under these hostile conditions.

Well the slight DJ Sammy influence is a help. That little snatch of the melody to 'Heaven' in the first line of the chorus acts as a kind of ear-twitcher. Familiar enough to get your attention, not so much of a rip-off that it's annoying. AND there's a bit of a 'Day and Night' thing going on in Jodie's "nine to five, when it's over I can come alive". Plus it's fun. Fun is important."

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