Monday, 26 April 2010

Chicane's Come Back Featured On Promo News

"And now for something completely different… For Chicane’s new Paul Young-sampling single Come Back, the Lennox Brothers shot this quite extraordinary promo which saw them visiting several European cities. The video is already a Youtube sensation and the brothers explain all here:

“Just before we received the brief Wayne (one half of the Lennox Brothers) had actually just split up with his long term girlfriend. He thought about making her a video to try and win her back, something simple, but unique.

“One week later the track/brief ‘Come Back’ by Chicane arrived.. you couldn’t make it up, it was just perfect timing. So, after 0.332457 milliseconds of thought we came to the conclusion: “Lets get paid to make this video, pretend its all scripted, and don’t tell the label it’s really for Wayne’s girlfriend!” Luckily the label liked our idea, and off we set around Europe with Wayne in his pants and lots of weird stares from the public."

Continue reading the feature on Promo News here and watch both the video, and the truth behind the video below!