Monday, 15 June 2009

Jessie Malakouti Popjustice's Song Of The Day!

"Xenomania-backed solo popstrel - and former member of defunct LA trio Shut Up Stella - Jessie Malakouti is currently on tour with The Saturdays ahead of a big bells and whistles-type launch in the coming months.

Depending on which Jessie song you're listening to her voice is a bit like late-80s Madonna, a bit like early-90s Kylie and/or a bit like mid-2000s Gwen and the singer 'has what it takes' to be a popstar in a way most buffoons thrown out onto a stage kind of don't. They used to call it 'x-factor' but now we are not allowed to mention that phrase because it makes people think of Louis Walsh's stupid face.

'Standing Up For The Lonely' is a defiant modern disco record with a slightly mournful, triumph-over-adversity element that's filtered its way through everything from 'I Will Survive' to, perhaps not entirely coincidentally, Cher's 'Believe'. It's the lead track on a megamix sampler thing you can download from Jessie's website - it also features a bit of 'Crash Bang Baby' and various other hits-to-be"

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